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The Natural Cleaner Company is an Australian owned business manufacturing here in Australia. We have developed natural cleaning solutions to protect against hazardous chemicals and the risk of personal injury to skin, eyes and lungs. We have a range 100% Natural Cleaners that remove the risk of personal injury because there is no risk when you clean with our 100% Natural cleaners , you no longer need to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) our range of 100% Natural Cleaners and Sanitisers are 100% Safe to people, pets and the environment.

We all know that Cleaning and Sanitising with toxic, hazardous and corrosive to skin chemicals is not the right thing to do and is harmful to the environment BUT we have never had a SAFE alternative that is effective in killing bacteria and germs like The Natural Cleaner Company range

of 100% Natural Cleaners and Sanitisers. Yes our products really are Nature’s answer to SAFE cleaning with all the ingredients coming from Nature 100% organic sources which are not changed at the molecular level during manufacture, they are not based on natural ingredients. They are natural ingredients.

Every product has been independently tested for their effectiveness killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs they are nature’s way of keeping a clean environment. The Natural Cleaner Company Organic range is NASAA Certified for Organic input with all ingredients USA FDA GRAS listed. They have a broad spectrum natural anti bacteria action that can be used in a wide range of industries including catering, food processing and preparation, water and wastewater treatment, hospitality, child care Centre’s, aged care facilities, medical and agriculture.

We are PROUD of how The Natural Cleaner Company range will eliminate the risk of injuries to people, pets and the environment while delivering a cleaning and sanitising standard equal or better than nasty chemicals.


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